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Here is a little bit of information about me as a person both personally and professionally.


I was born in Kingwood, Texas on March 7th 1988.  I moved to Washington when I was 2 years old.  I have attended Talbot Hill Elementary and Benson Hill Elementary, Nelson Middle School, and Lindbergh High School.  After high school I attended Greenriver Community College for 2 years.  I just started a new school called the International Academy of Design and Technology.  Where I am studying Interior Design.  I have just finished my first quarter and am looking forward to my second.


I first started my working career at the age of 18.  I worked for a restaurant called Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse in Renton, WA.  I worked there for a little over a year before obtainning a job at Sprint, in Tukwila, WA.  I have now worked for Sprint since May 19th of 2007.  Where I am the Administrative Assistant as well as the Customer Experience Host. While working both of these jobs I have also worked for the Auburn School District since September of 2006.  The school I work with directly is Auburn Mountainview High School.  I am the choreographer for their drama productions.